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Aéroport international de Libreville Gabon

Air Transport

A mature market

The airport of libreville is the first airport of sub-Saharan french countries in Africa. Its air traffic represents more than 350.000 passengers per year for the domestic flights and as much for the international flights. Air tranport in Gabon as similaritis in terme of use like some industrialized countries.

From January to December 1996, it was recorded, on l'aéroport of Libreville, 24058 movements d'avions commercial against 22 573 in 1995, that is to say a rise of 6,5%.

In 2002, the air tranport took a significant turning in its history. The traffic towards outside gained in importance compared to the traffic inside the country. This rise was supported by the installation of commercial Hub of Air Gabon.

With new directives adopted by the Government on the environment by the creation of 11 national parks, the air tranport will be improved because of the developpement of public tourism.

The national network

The use of secondary airports remove the economic and social insulation of some cities badly covered by the road network and other means of transport.

The redeployment of the small airline companies has opened new connections non used by Air Gabon.

In national lines, in addition to Air Gabon, 9 companies of unequal importance and effectiveness. Those companies are Air Services, Avirex, Gabon Express.

In the next years, the cost of tickets will decrease, even if the capacity of the people to buy by a ticket of transport if low.

The international network

In 1996, the increase of the number international passengers was hight than that observed at the national level, it was about 13% (291 906 travellers). This is due to the type of promotion done to particular customers traveling for business.

On the international network, prices didn't changed since 1994, on the other hand the volume of freight has inscreased regularly since 1995.

Airline companies

The principal international companies exerting in Gabon are:

  • Air France
  • Air Ivoire
  • Cameroon Airlines
  • Lina Congo
  • Nigeria Airways
  • Royal Air Maroc
  • Air Sao Tome
  • Ecuato Guineana Airlines
  • Interair


After the withdrawal of Air Africa, the Gabonese government was equipped in 1977 with a national company, Air Gabon is today a public company. It covers part of the traffic towards Europe (France, Great Britain, Italy), Africa and the lines interior.

The Air CEMAC project is being developped to establish an airline company in the CEMAC zone. It will cover more than 720 000 passengers.

This project encouraged mainly by the president El Hadj Omar Bongo Ondimba, will serve all Central Africa. Its principal shareholders being States countries of the CEMAC with 30 % capital.

The airport infrastructure

Gabon has 3 international airports : the airport of Libreville, the airport of Port-Gentil and the airport of Franceville. Gabon counts 60 local aerodromes, including 30 with a commercial vocation and 2 airports, that of Lambaréné and Moanda.

Aerodromes of Mitzic, Oyem, Bitam, Makokou, Okondja, Akieni, Lastoursville, Koulamoutou, Mouila, Tchibanga, Mayumba, Omboué, and Gamba, receive plane of average size. The airport of Libreville receives the majority of the international traffics and its exploitation is made by ADL.

Airline companies in Gabon

The other international companies serving Gabon are:

  • Air France
  • Air Ivoire
  • Cameroon Airlines
  • Lina Congo
  • Nigeria Airways
  • Royal Air Maroc
  • Air Sao Tome
  • Ecuato Guineana Airlines
  • Interair

National compagnies

  • Air Services
  • Avirex
  • Gabon Express