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Aéroport international de Libreville Gabon


Airport facilities

  • Services of freight
  • Tikets
  • Hiring of spaces and offices
  • VIP Office
  • Carparks had
  • Hiring of vehicles
  • bars and restaurants
  • Services for professionals
  • Bars
  • Cafeteria
  • Bank & Bank machine
  • Shops
  • Shuttles hotels
  • Safety parking
  • Taxis
  • Training Space

VIP commercial lounge

For more comodities, a private office is offers to eminent personages
Hostesses available for :

  • Formalities of police force
  • Drink service
  • A reception personalized with the request
Equipment : Television (national and international chains), telephone.

Access conditions

Access for passengers

The acces to VIP Office is authorized for passengers with plane acces card and VIP Office acces card

  • The annual « Salon VIP Argent » Card (sold by ADL)
  • VIP Office acces card given by the airline company.

Access for officials

The acces is limited to civil, military and religious personalities (in accordance with a list signed by the Minister for the Ministre des Transports et de l’aviation Civile et Commerciale). The authorized personalities must have the annual « Salon VIP Argent » and VIP Office acces card given by the airline company.

Access for assistants

Those must present one of the next cards :

  • The « Salon VIP Accueil Or» card.
  • The annual « Salon VIP officiel Or» card.
Contact hostesses : (+241) 06-06-55-19.

Services of Freight

The Airport of Libreville offers among its most significant services, a service of freight. It gives to the customer the possibility of transporting significant goods in quantity towards other countries or inside Gabon.


The service of billetery offers to the customer to pay ticket directly with the airport for certain companies such as Air Gabon. Several travel agencies of voyage are present at Libreville. The customer must contact the agency or the airline company to make the purchase of his tiket. You can consult the addresses of the travel agencies while clicking on the link above.

Lists of the travel agencies and airline companies in Gabon

Shops, bars and restaurants

In the enclosure of the Airport, you have access to some comodity of which shops, bars and restaurants.


The Carpark Car, a project of the Chief Executive of the ADL, enables you to park your vehicle in full safety. The carpark car makes it possible to accomodate a significant number of vehicles.

NB: To have further information on our services please contact us here.

SAMBA Lounge

It is a personalized service for passenger’s high contribution, first and business class. Salon SAMBA has hostesses for: police formalities, self service, and the Wi-Fi connection. In addition, a personal greeting is possible at the request

Equipment: TV channels (national and international), telephone, WiFi Internet connection.

Access Conditions

Access Conditions for Passengers

Access is authorized for  passengers carry boarding card and a card to the lounge at SAMBA issued by the airline.

Service de bagages

Duty Free Shop

Touraco Bar

Business Center

Training room



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